How Much Do You Know about Power Tools?

An electric tool is a hand-held or removable mechanized tool that is driven by a motor or electromagnet and drives a working head through a transmission mechanism to perform work. Power tools have the characteristics of easy portability, simple operation, and multiple functions. They can greatly reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency, and realize mechanization of manual operations. And enter the family in large numbers.

The characteristics of power tools are light weight, small size, light weight, low vibration, low noise, flexible operation, easy control and operation, easy to carry and use, strong and durable. Compared with manual tools, it can increase labor productivity several times to tens of times; higher efficiency than pneumatic tools, low cost and easy to control.

Pay attention to the following points when purchasing power tools.

1. Distinguish between family and professional use according to your needs. Most power tools are designed for professionals. When purchasing, you should distinguish between professional and general household tools. Generally, the difference between professional and general household tools is in power. Professional tools have a larger power to facilitate professionals to reduce the workload. The tools for general household use are relatively small and the workload is relatively small, so the input of tools Power does not need to be very large.

2. The outer packaging of the tool should be clear, without damage, and the plastic box should be strong. The buckle for opening the plastic box should be firm and durable.

3. The appearance of the tool should be even, the surface of the plastic parts should have no obvious shadows and dents, and there should be no scratches or bumps. The assembly misalignment between the shell parts should be ≤0.5mm. The surface should be free of oil stains and stains. When held by hand, the handle of the switch should be flat. The length of the cable should generally not be less than 2 meters.

4. The nameplate parameters of the tool shall be consistent with those on the CCC certificate. The manufacturer’s and manufacturer’s detailed address and contact information should be on the instruction manual. The traceable batch number of the product shall be on the nameplate or certificate of conformity.

5. Hold the tool by hand, turn on the power, and operate the switch frequently to start the tool frequently. Observe whether the on-off function of the tool switch is reliable. At the same time, observe whether there are any abnormal phenomena on the TV set and fluorescent lamp on site. In order to confirm whether the tool is equipped with an effective radio interference suppressor.

6. The tool is energized and run for one minute, and it should be held by hand during operation. The hand should not notice any abnormal vibration. Observe the reversing spark. The reversing spark should not exceed 3/2, generally from the air inlet of the tool Looking inward, there should be no obvious arc on the surface of the commutator. During operation, there should be no abnormal noise.