52CC 1.4kW 2-Stroke Gasoline Grass Trimmer


This lightweight and ergonomically designed gasoline grass trimmer  is easy to use, allowing comfortable positioning and a broad sweeping motion. It comes with powerful 52cc 2-stroke air cooled petrol engine and large 1.2 litre fuel tank. As an excellent high performance brush cutter for the demanding user, it delivers 1.4kW great power and be capable of speeding up to 9000RPM. It is deal for tidying up edges around lawns, gardens or anywhere difficult to reach.

☆ 1 Year for machinery warranty

☆ On-time Dispatch Guarantee

☆ Customized packaging(Min. Order: 500 Pieces)




Output power 1400W
Handle type Both hands
Max no-load speed 9,000r/min
Power transmission method Automatic centrifugal clutch, spiral gear
Applied blade 3-teeth blade, 40-teeth blade, nylon cutter
Engine Type Counter clockwise(from operator's view)
Engine displacement 52cc
Engine starting method Recoil starter
Engine stopping method Sparking circuit primary shot
Fuel used Lubricating oil mixed gasoline 25:1
Lubricating oil used 2-cycle engine oil
Fuel tank capacity 1.2L


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